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Monday, 14 June 2010

What World Cup?

It would be true to say that Robin is only mildly interested in the World Cup football games taking place in South Africa. He will be taking an interest in the New Zealand team, and will no doubt watch the occasional game. He will certainly wish the All Whites well, and hope they play their very best. After all, the hopes of the football fans of whole country are over there with them.

Robin is a rugby fan through and through, and this is the game he is closely attuned to. He played rugby as a boy, with none of this sissy stuff such as wearing rugby boots. The boys are tough in Taranaki, and his primary school team used to play barefoot. When he came down to Wellington as a young man he joined the prestigious Petone Club and spent several seasons with them. Give him a rugby game to watch on TV, and he is happily occupied for hours. Provincial games are good to watch, but the mighty All Blacks are better. The team played Ireland last weekend in New Plymouth and won their first game convincingly. Rugby is in the blood, you know, and part of the Kiwi psyche. Robin is currently enjoying reading about the playing career of the legendary Colin Meads.


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