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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

We were Mobbed

The birds were making quite a racket in the large tree a few houses away as they started to settle down in the late afternoon. They were chirping and chortling away, nineteen to the dozen. We could just image them saying: “Did you have a good day Mildred? Hope you got your share of the crusts from that house over the way. Watch out for their sneaky cat, though, it hides in the trees.” Mildred of course would be talking her head off to all the other birds too.

We went out on the back deck and threw our own offering of crusts on the lawn. All chirping stopped and the birds instantly went silent. They must have a great view from that tall tree and obviously keep their birdie little eyes open on all the neighbourhood comings and goings. They started flying closer, perching on our clothesline and landing in our trees. Then it was a mad scramble as a large mob of assorted birds fluttered down to the lawn and gobbled up the crusts. They were certainly hungry – perhaps it’s time to make the birds another “Bird Pudding” for winter. They will really enjoy that.


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