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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Two Buckets of Balls

Practising our golf swings was on the agenda for our group of SLG friends on Sunday, over at Solway Golf Driving Range in Masterton. Anne put the money into the machine and the golf balls came tumbling out into the buckets. Two buckets full gave us 200 balls to have a hit with. No golfing for me though, I was in too much pain to be doing any strenuous exercise due to a pulled muscle in my side. It was a bit strange how it happened. There I was the previous day, leaning down into our chest freezer. I was stretching down to look through the meat at the bottom to choose something for our evening meal. Then I felt something “ping” in my side, and I had this terrible pain. Luckily I didn’t topple up and over right down to the bottom of the freezer with fright.


Everyone else selected their clubs, lined up a few balls, and had a go. The driving range has individual booths, and looked out over the driving range littered with plenty of golf balls from earlier patrons. The idea of course, was to hit the ball as far as possible, and the green had distance signs up to show how far the balls went. Bang, bang, some of our people couldn’t aim straight and the ball hit the wall of their booths. A local family down one end were doing great, hitting one ball after the other, and they were all going in the right direction. I think some of our group could have done with a bit of coaching from them.

DSCF3635 DSCF3638

Robin practising his golf swing

Robin soon got into the swing of things and the balls went flying out, he used to play golf some years ago and it soon came back to him. The ladies all had a go too, and everyone had some laughs at their own efforts, and those of all the others. Don’t think Tiger Woods has anything to worry about with our lot though.

DSCF3650 The happy golfers

After all that exercise we were more than ready for our lunch. The golf clubs were returned, we gathered up our belongings, and we stepped inside to the adjacent Cafe. There was plenty of hot tasty choices to warm us up on such a wet chilly day. Our group may not be experts at golf, but there is no doubt we excel at eating and talking. The noise at any of our get togethers has to be heard to be believed.

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