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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

One fine day was all that we got over the weekend while staying at Playford Park Motor Camp, at Levin. On Saturday night torrential rain came down, and by Sunday morning the camp grounds were sodden. The Tararua Ranges, so clear the previous day, were hidden behind low lying rain clouds. The weather forecasters certainly got it right, they promised us rain on Sunday, and we got it in buckets.

P6070834 Playford Park Motor Camp on a wet Sunday morning

We had arranged for a bit of fun on Sunday evening. Everyone gathered around the table in the hall, and took turns trying to roll a six with a dice. There was a bit of a rolling dice competition between the last two competitors, and then we had our 7 lucky people. Then they then had to pick a number between 1 and 7. Little did they know what we had in store for them. They were each handed a numbered verse for a song, which they had to sing at the appropriate time.

The song we chose was one that we had enjoyed at the recent Foster and Allen show that we attended a few weeks ago. Just right for our crazy bunch of campers to harmonise together, we thought. We started with singing the chorus together.

“Oh dear, what can the matter be, seven old ladies were locked in the lavatory

They were there from Sunday to Saturday, and nobody knew they were there”.

Then we went around the table with each singing their verse, and all of us joining in with the chorus. Old Mrs Humphrey, old Mrs Draper, right up to Abigail Flynn – we sang about what had befallen these unfortunate old ladies. Goodness knows what the rest of the camp thought with our rollicking rendition of this humorous song. There was a prize awarded for the best singer of the evening, and Geoff took the honours. What could be more appropriate than his very own supply – just in case he is unlucky enough to get locked in himself one day!

DSCF3712 First prize to Geoff

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