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Friday, 18 June 2010

That’s good service

Robin kept checking the letter box. Caravan friends had received the latest copy of “The Motor Caravanner” a couple of weeks ago, and our copy hadn’t arrived. Where had it got to? Finally, he phoned through to the office and asked them if there was a problem. We were sure our subscription was up-to-date but maybe it had expired. The office lady assured us that our membership was fine, and that all the magazines had been posted out several weeks ago. However, she would gladly pop another one in the post for us. It arrived in the letter box a couple of days later. That was excellent service, and Robin can now settle down to read the magazine. I’ll have a chance for a peek when he’s finished.


The Motor Caravanner is the magazine of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association (NZMCA), and is full of interesting reading. There is an article and photos about the large and extremely well run Easter Rally we attended in Hastings. With 874 motor homes and caravans, 1678 people, 179 pets plus assorted children, it was the largest rally we had ever attended. The magazine features travel stories, both in New Zealand and overseas, “how to” articles for handy husbands, reviews of great cafes for the wives, and news of upcoming events. We look forward to taking advantage of the low cost parking options on offer when we stop work and travel the highways and byways of our beautiful country.

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