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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Thursday in Himatangi

We are hoping for a nice sunny weekend during our caravan club rally at Himatangi, always a nice place to stay.  Robin was pleased with how our new Jeep towed the van our inaugural trip.


Two vans decided to make the most of being retired and arrive on Thursday – and why not.  We arrived first and Selwyn and Kath an hour or so later.

The early birds

The morning didn’t start off well at all while we were packing the van.  This was to be our new kitten Gemma’s first trip away in the caravan so we have been getting her used to wearing the little pink harness.  No problem there – until we attached the lead, she didn’t like that one little bit.  So to keep her safely out of the way while we were in and out the door carrying food and clothing to the van, we popped her into the the carry cage.  You can imagine our surprise when we found that she had escaped, how on earth did she get out?  As it turned out one of the metal wires was missing, and she must have squeezed through popping two others out of place.  Who would have thought that such a little kitten could be so determined?  Looks like we now need to purchase a new carry cage.

Shall we call the kitten Houdini?

Oh dear, we certainly hope she copes with her first caravan weekend away.  Once we arrived on site, made sure she had water and cat crunchies ready, she soon settled down to explore the van.  And with a sunny window ledge she is quite happy to have a snooze in the sun shine.

This is the life

Our club now sports a nice new flag, just the thing to display at rallies.   Here is President Selwyn standing proudly beside the new purchase.

Selwyn and the new flag

Tomorrow we will await the arrival of the other club members, and the  rally will get underway.  Here's hoping for nice sunny weather, but in reality, we will take what we are given.

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