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Sunday, 12 August 2018

Sunny Days at Himatangi

We were parked a little too close to the trees which rubbed against our van all Thursday night.  Robin made short work of the offending branches, a pair of long handled loppers soon removed them, and saved our van from any more scratches.


With seven vans on site at Himatangi Beach Holiday Park by Friday afternoon we were all present and accounted for.  The skies were blue, the weather was warm, so it seemed we were in for a lovely weekend.  It’s mid winter too in our part of paradise, so we can certainly count our blessings.  There was fruit galore to share with our club members to take home, grapefruit from Barry and Dianne, and oranges donated from Robin’s brother Gary.


The entertainment of the day was watching several men up the power pole just outside the camp grounds.  In answer to my enquiry, they told me they were replacing the “arms”.  Rather them than me way up high in the air like that.

Workmen up the pole

Morning tea on Saturday was followed by a committee meeting to finalise our rally schedule for the following year.  There will be plenty of interesting rallies to look forward to, we will be camping again at some favourite places, and others will be held at new to us venues.  

Saturday afternoon was wonderful, hot and sunny.  Some of our members walked down to the nearby beach to enjoy the fresh salty air, while the rest of us enjoyed sitting and chatting together, making the most of the warm winter sunshine.  Robin had arranged to borrow Bill’s electric bike for a short test ride to see what he thought of this sort of bike.  After an explanation of all the various gears and levers, he was off and away for a ride around the block. 

Bill giving Robin tuition on the electric bike

While all this was happening Gemma was enjoying her first foray outside, safely tethered with her harness and lead.  After exploring around the grass for a while, and being petted by club members, she jumped up on top of the electric step for a little snooze.  Considering this is her very first time away in the caravan, we are so pleased that she is not too disturbed by this change in routine.

Just enough room for a snooze

We walked down for a meal at the Himatangi Beach Cosmopolitan Club on Saturday evening, just a short five minute walk away.  There was no excuse for anyone going hungry, the meals were huge and some of us had trouble finishing them.  After such big meals, we only noticed one dessert ordered to share between two, and even that proved too big to get through!

Saturday evening at Himatangi Beach Cossie Club

There was a little competition over the weekend – to guess how many sweets in the jar.  The guesses fluctuated between 95 and 353.  The jar was packed with tiny sweets like M&Ms, jelly beans, jubes, chocolate minnows (fish) and some much larger wrapped Crunchie Bars in the middle.  The answer was 88, and Dave won with the closest guess of 95.

And the winner is…….Dave

As we were enjoying our final morning tea on Sunday in the sunshine, camp hosts Reuben and Alice called by to present us with a plate of freshly baked cup cakes.  That was so nice, and we really appreciated this nice touch.  This young couple work very hard keeping their camp looking “just so” and were recently awarded the “AA Traveller Spirit of Hospitality Award 2018”.


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