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Friday, 27 July 2018

Part Two Completed

Part two of our building/drainage work is now complete.  With the gutter and channel in place, Bruce and Robin then laid a small concrete pad for our emergency water supply tank. Mixed the old fashioned way, by hand, in the wheelbarrow.

Mixing concrete the old way

Bruce then took some measurements, and some pieces of timber, then took himself back to his home workshop to construct a stand to place the water tank on.  It needed to be high enough to get a bucket under the tap when we want to get some water out.  The empty tank was placed on top of the stand to see if any adjustments needed to be made.

Trying the stand out for size

Still not finished as far as Bruce was concerned - he took it home again and stained it with some of his left over decking stain.  Doesn’t it look great.  It is really sturdy, full of bolts and recessed joinery.


Then the tank fittings and fixtures had to be put in place.  The rainfall off our Archgola will run down the drainpipe and across into the black pipe to fill the water tank.  And once the tank is full, there is a valve which diverts the rain water back into the drainpipe, which then runs off into our storm-water system - very cleverly designed, isn’t it.  And now after some rain fall, it didn’t take too long at all for our 200 litre emergency water supply tank to fill up to the top.



Janice said...

Well done fellas. Very professional. The water will be handy for your garden. Nothing better than rainwater.

Marilyn McDonald said...


Another use which you may like to try, is using the water for washing your hair. My mum always loved the feel of her hair when she washed it at the bach at Tongaporutu - rainwater off the roof was so much softer than town-supply.

I think we need to do the same at home in Waikanae.

How is Gemma doing?