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Thursday, 5 July 2018

A busy week

It’s been a busy old week, and we have to wonder where the days go.  Meetings and appointments for us both, and Menz Shed plus a Health Shuttle drive for the man on the house soon makes the week roll by.   The weather has been lovely and clear mostly this week, warming us nicely during the day, but rather chilly once the sun goes down. 


We are off to a caravan rally tomorrow, not too far to go at all.  But as we caravan club members say, it doesn't matter how close to home the rally is, its all about the company we meet with.  So true.  Being one of the closest to the rally site, I do hope we don’t arrive last!


Marilyn McDonald said...

Drove past your back yard again today - I am back in Timaru overnight, so I drove to PN airport this arvo and flew to CHC and drove down.

Have a great time at the rally. Say hi to Geoff and Eileen for us.

Cheers, M

Janice said...

Have a great weekend away. We have our local Winter Festival here this weekend, so will rug up and venture out tomorrow night.