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Monday, 16 July 2018

A New Arrival

After months of waiting it was time to collect our new kitten Gemma yesterday.  She is not too sure what’s happening in her life just now – where are her brothers and sisters and her Mum?  I’m sure she will settle down in a day or so, and stop hiding in corners and under the bed!  We are giving her space to find her feet, after all, it is a big change for her.

We were encouraged to come and visit the kittens over the last month or so.  The litter of five certainly grew between visits.




Yesterday was her first day alone in a strange place.  But she is slowly getting braver, comes out from under the bed when she is called, and has spent some time this morning playing in her tunnel.  Hunger has sent her to polish off her first meal with us, and she has found and used her dirt box. What a clever kitten!  I’m sure that in a few more days she will be much more settled.

Our new seal point Birman kitten, Gemma


Bernie & Katrina Tikey said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Jenny said...

Thank you, she is slowly out of her shell shock after being removed from her family, and has started to run around like crazy.

Janice said...

What a beautiful little lady. I think she will be rather spoilt with you for her family.

Bernice said...

Cute, enjoy her company.

Marilyn McDonald said...

No doubt Gemma is ruling the roost by now, and has you both at her beck and call! She looks like a lovely addition to your home - has she been road tested with the caravan yet?