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Sunday, 20 May 2018

On to Carterton

It was just a short 12 km trip from Solway Park and we arrived for our weekend with the caravan club at Carterton. We were staying at Carterton Holiday Park, one of our favourite motor camps.  It didn’t take too long to find a site and settle down.  The new managers have made a lot of changes in the camp, such as trimming down the tall trees on the boundary, which now makes it easier to get that all important TV signal.  The bathroom blocks are being upgraded too.

Parked up with friends at Carterton Holiday Park

The caravans continued to roll in on Friday afternoon, with most of us there in time for 4zees.  Then we met back in the hall in the evening for one of those tricky brain teasers.  Barry and Dianne were the rally family this weekend, and with Barry’s long interest in music, it was no surprise that the quiz featured songs he had recorded.  But to make it even more interesting, the answer wasn’t the name of each song, but the film or show they featured in.  Sadly, we didn’t do too well at all at this quiz, as we told Barry, most of the shows were well before our time!

After a rainy night, Saturday dawned a little drizzly, but cleared up nicely as the day drew on.

Robin, Glennis, Dennis, and Selwyn

I took a walk around the camp, with my camera in hand, to see what I could see.  And discovered some friendly sheep, down in the area with the stored caravans.  They came up to say hello, but I suspect they were really looking for a handout.

Sheep in the back paddock

This pretty corner by the Manager’s office has been nicely landscaped and decorated.  Happy little birds were chirping in the small aviary as they fluttered around enjoying the morning sun shine. 


Views of the motor camp

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Janice said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend