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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

New Arrival in our Street

Driving out of our village yesterday we saw a new arrival just around the corner on the street.  An instant pop-up house.


The new house must have arrived some time earlier so we didn’t see all the fun and games as it was maneuvered into position and propped up on jacks. You can see the piles being put into position underneath. It seems to be a kit set model complete with internal fittings, as we could see a kitchen through the windows.   And today it looked this.


The jacks have been lowered leaving the house resting on the piles. We must have missed that bit of excitement.  The new owners were inside opening crates and boxes and putting their possessions away.  But the plumbers, drain layers, electricians and who ever else have to come before the house is habitual.

Our Autumn weather continues to be mild and sunny, so we are making the most of it before Winter comes calling. 

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Janice said...

What a stress free way to get a new home. It looks nice and tidy.