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Monday, 21 May 2018

New Caravan and a Wedding

Its always quite an occasion when one of our club members turn up at a rally with a new caravan.  Helen and Owen had been waiting for their new Platinum Leisure line to roll off the production line so they could take delivery.  Just in time for the Carterton rally, and they were more than happy to host “Open Home” viewings over the weekend.  This new design features a flat floor, meaning it is built a little higher so that the wheel arches are now under the floor and do not protrude into the caravan.  It is a lovely van, with lots of exciting new features, and we wish Helen and Owen many happy adventures in it.

New van for Helen and Owen

On Saturday afternoon some members took a trip out to view the Pointon Collection of vintage cars and clothing.  We had done this previously so ventured down to the local café Wild Oats with Dot and Derek for a coffee and a little something to nibble.

Wild Oats Café

Slap bang in the café grounds is a sculpture of Charles Rooking Carter, the founder of Carterton and a  philanthropist  who left may legacies to the benefit of the area.  He was a strong advocate for Wairarapa settlers and was instrumental in developing many public services in Carterton including the library, an astronomical observatory, cemetery, post office, court-house and police station. His most notable gifts to the town were the Carter Home for aged men, now known as Carter Court, and the Carter Reserve, an area of native bush land.

Charles Rooking Carter 1822-1896

We gathered back in hall in the evening and Barry presented us another quiz to test our brains.  This one was pictures of brand marks from earlier years, and wonder of wonders, Robin and I scraped in with the most correct answers.

Saturday night brain teaser

The highlight of the evening was of course, the Royal Wedding.  Eileen was so excited she dressed up in her finery and put the rest of us to shame.  I knew I should have packed my tiara!

All dressed for the royal wedding

Some members weren’t interested and took themselves back to the vans, but most stayed in the hall and watch the momentous occasion unfold.  There were plenty going on before the service as happy royal watchers were interviewed, and the big question, who designed “The Dress” was discussed at length.  With the time difference between UK and New Zealand, it was going to be a very long night for us.  I took myself back to the van at about 10.00pm, settled down in bed with the TV on, and watched and waited as important guests arrived, and the ceremony finally began.  It was a long night, and we finally turned the light out and went to sleep at 1.30am.


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