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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Another Job Ticked off the List

After talking about it for ages, and agreeing that it would be a good idea, it’s finally done and dusted.  Yesterday we went and purchased a garage door insulation kit for the DIYer.  Everything was included, sheets of insulation, door liners, glue, and the all important instruction sheet.  All Robin had to find was a knife and a steel ruler to cut the sheets to size, and several spare hours plus patience to complete the job.  Just as well we had a free Sunday.


I kept well out of the way as there is nothing worse than someone checking up and asking in a bright voice “how’s it going?”  So I kept myself busy on kitchen duties, cooking up some tasty soup and toast for lunch.  Everything seemed to go well, and after a lunch break he continued with the job.  And then got the vacuum cleaner out at the end to clean up the mess – how’s that for service!


With winter just around the corner, this is sure to make a big difference.  Now, what’s next on my list?


Janice said...

I haven’t heard of garage door insulation before, but it sounds like a fantastic idea and very timely.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Next is double glazing that window ...

Cheers, M