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Friday, 10 March 2017

It’s been quiet

It’s been quiet on the blogging front this week.  But that’s not to say we have been doing nothing – far from it.  So far there has been visits to Menz Shed (twice), a Probus meeting and a drive to the hospital for the Cancer Society for him - and quilting get-togethers (twice), some time spent in front of the sewing machine,  plus Ladies Probus and a lunch out for her.  And together we have been to see the travel agent to talk about another Aussie railway trip.  So life is always busy.

And today, Friday was just as busy.  Robin decided to deal with some unruly weeds.  A good dose of Roundup will sort them out.  Take that, you bunch of weeds!


And I decided to tidy up our poor passion-fruit vine.  The wind had played havoc with this plant over the last few months and blown most of the leaves off, and although fruiting prolifically, the fruit just didn’t ripen.  The plant was bursting with new leaves so I got the clippers out and trimmed off all the dead brown vines back to the new growth.  There - doesn’t that look better?  We are hoping the plant will have a much better season next year.

All the dead vines trimmed away

Robin’s Menz Shed buddy Brian called around to help us with our shower.  There is a tiny leak, but as everyone knows, a tiny leak can still cause big damage.  Brian was a builder in his former life so certainly knows a thing or two.

Brian in our shower

And when that little job was done, Robin was happy to sort out Brian’s problem with his tablet.  Everyone has different skills and it’s great that the Menz Shed blokes all help each other.

And talking of the Menz Shed, there is a special outing for members and spouses arranged for tomorrow.  It’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages, so I’m certainly excited.  Where are we going?  Watch this space tomorrow and all will be revealed.

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Janice said...

Busy busy. You've made the best of your time at home (well, whenever you weren't out and about). Which train trip have you planned this time?