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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Day out in Lower Hutt

We had another day out in Lower Hutt recently - this time to meet up with our SLG friends.   Yvonne had organized the day for us and we met for lunch at Rizzo’s, in the old Lower Hutt Station, now full of trendy bars and restaurants.  Rizzo’s specialize in pizzas but had quite an extensive menu as well.

Rizzo’s pizza oven

As it turned out, only two of our group ordered pizza for lunch.  The rest of us enjoyed salmon (my favourite), or burgers, but there were plenty of other choices as well.

Lunching at Rizzo’s

The two of us couldn’t go past the tiramisu for dessert.  No, we didn’t really need it, but it tasted divine!

Coffee and tiramisu

After lunch we walked a short distance to the Hutt City Archives.  Most of us were not aware of this building, or the services on offer.  The archives hold information on property or buildings, both homes and businesses, as well as all sorts of council records.  Jenny the chief archivist, had laid out old maps and information dating back to the early years of the famous Lower Hutt icon, Bellevue Gardens, for us to look at. 


Checking out the old documents

We were then taken out to the temperature controlled storage rooms and Jenny explained what was tucked away, and how the old documents and books are conserved.


In much earlier years, every little town had their own Council and Mayor, such as Petone, Eastbourne, Wainuiomata and Lower and Upper Hutt.  All these old records are stored in the premises, council records, minute books, and rates information.  Over the years, most of these councils have merged.  I was particularly interested to see the beautiful document on show when Lower Hutt was proclaimed a city.  We were also shown copies of the letters sent to invite the important people of the day to come along to the celebrations.  I was born and bred in Lower Hutt so this was very interesting to see.


Another very interesting and informative day out with our Super Leisure Group friends.  Many thanks to Yvonne for organizing our day. 

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Janice said...

As always, you have been busy, out and about over the last couple of weeks. What a variety of interesting places you have visited recently. We fed some eels in a lake at the north of the South Island when we visited. We were surprised at their size.