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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Autumn Already?

With such a cool, windy summer, it just doesn’t seem right that the calendar has clicked over to autumn already.  Sure – we’ve had some nice days, but overall it could have been much warmer.  Just ask the gardeners.  Tomatoes haven’t done well, and our passion-fruit plant had practically all the leaves blown off.  But with any luck, the weather in March and April may well be much more settled without that pesky wind.  Fingers crossed, anyway.

Slim pickings from the garden

Robin fired up our Baby Q Weber up in the late afternoon today and the smell of roasting pork was soon wafting around.  It’s not really BBQ weather, being  rather breezy and  bit cool outside, so he didn't stay outside with a cool beer in his hand.  But the Webers cook a roast so very well.  I did the veggies and pudding inside in the oven.

Coming along nicely

With roast veggies nicely browned, fresh beans and that tiny amount of home grown peas cooked together, and the gravy made, we enjoyed a wonderful Sunday evening meal indeed.  And I even found time to whip up a tray of apple muffins – yummy.

Apple muffins

While we weren’t away in the caravan this weekend, it was nice to be home and catch up with  few jobs.  It won’t be too long till we hit the road again.

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Katie said...

We’ve had an amazing spring so far and it isn’t even spring yet! Spring has come at least three weeks early. Amazing. Of course this weekend it’s been wintery again. Sigh. Looking forward to spring weather again during the week. I only hope this doesn’t mean a terribly hot summer. Ugh.