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Saturday, 18 March 2017

First to arrive at Lees Reserve

What’s better than an extra day or so tacked on to a weekend caravan club rally.  So we headed out to Mt Lees on Thursday morning.  But what’s this?  There was thick smoke covering SH1 by Foxton.  We couldn't see a thing and hoped nothing was amiss on our side of the road.  Seems that the local farmer was having a burn up but doing it so close to the main road didn’t seem a sensible decision to us.

Smoke covering the road ahead

After a short 61km drive, we arrived at our destination – Mt Lees Reserve.  There are no sites as such here, just a matter of parking up somewhere in the large grassy area surrounded by large mature trees.  In the Spring this area is covered in beautiful golden daffodils, and is a sight to behold.  We were the first to arrive, just in time for lunch.

All  by ourselves

Selwyn and Kath arrived an hour or so later, on their way back from two weeks holiday.  We said hello and goodbye as there were a few things we needed to do up town and returned in time for 4zees.  There they regaled us with all their holiday tales, places they had been, and things they had seen.  Seems they had a great time.

On Friday morning we all drove to Feilding, ladies in one car and the blokes in the other.  Kath and I were going to see a Quilt Show (a first for Kath) and Robin and Selwyn were off to the Field Days at Manfield Park.

This way to the quilt show

Us two girls wandered around admiring all the quilts, and no doubt the men were having similar fun looking at all the blokey things, new cars, tools, machinery and such like.  We all arrived back in camp in the early afternoon and one by one, our other camping friends arrived.

Now we are five

4zees was under one of the many shady trees, and we moved from sun to shade as we got too hot, and back again into the sunshine again.  Just as well we had our shady hats on.  It was a lovely pleasant afternoon, catching up with everyone’s news.  Dianne and Barry arrived a little later with two grand-children in tow, bringing our numbers up to six vans for the weekend.

The weather was beautiful, and settled, just like our summer weather should have been over Christmas and New Year, and we certainly hoped it would stay that way all weekend for our rally.

Mother duck and two babies

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