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Saturday, 5 November 2016

On the Lakeside at Rotorua

There is just a slight diversion on our trip to Hamilton to take our caravan for it’s annual service.  Our National Body, CCNZ Inc were holding their AGM at Rotorua and Robin offered to attend the meeting.  As luck would have it, there was a caravan site available overlooking the lake.

Lakeside caravan site

Affordable Willowhaven motor camp is situated on the side of Lake Rotorua, and looks across to Mokoia Island


The island is Maori owned and is a pest free wildlife refuge and is home to several rare species, kiwi, kokako and saddleback.  Mokoia Island played a part in the long ago love story between Hinemoa and Tutanekai.  Tutanekai, who lived on the island,  was not considered a good enough match for beautiful Hinemoa, daughter of a chief. Tutanekai played his flute every night, the sound carrying across the water.  But Hinemoa's people, suspecting something was afoot, had hidden all the canoes. The maiden decided to swim to the island, supported by six empty gourds.  Guided by the sound of her loved one's music, Hinemoa safely reached the other shore and landed near a hot spring,  in which she warmed and refreshed herself – the pool is on Mokoia Island to this day.  And as all good love stories go, they lived happily ever after.

The lake is teeming with water fowl.

Plenty of boats use the lake, and I watched this one backed into the water.


The AGM went well, and was followed by a quarterly Council Meeting.  Robin took notes to report back to our caravan club.  The weather didn’t quite know what to do, showers came with regular monotony, followed by bursts of sunshine.  Then later in the afternoon a call went out – grab your camera.  What a strange sight, a really low rainbow hovering over the lake.

Low rainbow over the lake

4zees was spent sheltering under the awning with a blue tarpaulin tied to the side to keep the wind out.  As usual with these sorts of get-togethers, the conversation flowed around the group, covering everything from trips away, campsites, former club members, and the state of the world.

4zees time

The barbeque was fired up and sausages and onions were cooked for the masses.  Margaret and Peter did a great job making sure the food was well cooked.  Bread was also provided, and everyone provided their choice of salad.

BBQ cooks in action

It was certainly an interesting day, and so nice to catch up with CCNZ people who we meet only occasionally.  We are moving on tomorrow, heading north.

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