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Monday, 7 November 2016

Moving on to Hamilton

Several other motorhomes joined us overnight at Firth Tower Museum carpark –  we spent a nice quiet night in rural surroundings.  And then the rain came down – the tourist vans were in a hurry to get up and about and on the road again, while we just took our time.  With just 85kms to our next destination we weren’t in a great hurry.

Our overnight stay at Firth Tower

We had to pass through Hobbiton on our way to Hamilton.

And passed by the magnificent Hobbit House in the centre of town.  There must be Hobbits around here somewhere.   Actually, it is the local Info Centre masquerading as a home for Hobbits!

Who lives in this Hobbit House, I wonder?

Travelling along country roads the farmland was looking lush and green.  The grey rain clouds followed us overhead, and the rain wasn't too long in coming.


Our plan was to stop at Cambridge for lunch.  By this stage the rain was coming down in sheets, and we drove round and round trying to find a spare parking space long enough for our 4WD and caravan.  Cambridge seems to only have angle parking in the centre of town, and after driving around in the rain one more time, we decided to go with Plan B instead.  Which was to carry on to Hamilton, and have have lunch at the Classic Car Museum.  We could stay here overnight, if we wished.

Parked at Classic Car Museum

We love this place – full of retro rock’n’roll memorabilia with a menu to match.  Robin enjoyed a Chuck Berry Burger, my lunch was mushrooms on toast, both meals washed down with a Coco Cola Soda.  These drinks were called “spiders” in our young days.  And goodness – here’s Elvis, just waiting for me by the jukebox!

I’ve got a bit of a “thing” for Elvis!

You just never know who you are going to bump into as you travel around.  Relaxing back in our caravan in the car park, Robin watched as another Leisureline caravan backed up and parked beside us.  It was Noel and Lyn from the Wairarapa Caravan Club. 

Our caravan was due for it’s annual service tomorrow, and we were told that we could stay overnight at the Leisureline factory, so we decided to move on and park there.  Two mechanics helped us to park up, and informed us that they started work at 6.00am!  Sounds like we will be up early in the morning, and we will have to depart and let them get on with the job.  Guess we will be looking for a café to have a “Big Breakfast" somewhere.  The sooner they start work on our van, the sooner we can collect it and be on our way again.

Staying overnight at Leisureline Factory

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