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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Going with Plan B

When Plan A falters – go with Plan B.  Originally, we were attending a doctor’s appointment each today, then travelling on with the caravan in tow over the hill to the Wairarapa.  But flooding put paid to that – extra heavy downpours which caused the closure of multiple roads in and out of Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

So we travelled down to Paraparaumu for my appointment with the eye specialist, and left the caravan at home.  The specialist and his nurse drove out from Wellington in the morning in very wet conditions, and because of road closures will not be able to travel back home tonight. And the two ladies on the reception desk told us that their husbands who work in Wellington, will be unlikely to return home to Paraparaumu at the end of their working days.  Today is bringing plenty of disruptions to workers and travelers alike.

Sign outside the Opticians

So Plan B – check the weather and road conditions tomorrow morning, and hopefully we will be able to drive to the Wairarapa tomorrow.  New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) said several roads in the region had been closed.
  • SH1 between Mackays Crossing and Paremata
  • SH2 between Ngauranga and Petone closed northbound
  • SH58 from Paremata to Haywards Interchange at SH2
  • Greys Road
  • Paekakariki Hill Road

So with earthquakes, landslips, and flooding, New Zealand is feeling rather battered and bruised.  But the good news is that the cattle which were left stranded on an earthquake island have reportedly been saved.  Rescuers dug a trench to free the cows from the small dirt peak where they were trapped, Newshub reported.  The cows caught the world's attention on Monday night as helicopter footage showed their peril – trapped on a quake island.

We are safe and sound, our home suffered no damage in the earthquake, our little village is not flooded, and the sun will surely shine tomorrow.  So we have a lot to be thankful for.


Marilyn McDonald said...

And there was me driving in to the airport this morning - leaving home at 5am, and thinking (as I got to Paraparaumu when the weather started to get very wet) how tough it was to be up and out so early.

I did wonder as I came along the stretch before Pukerua Bay whether that cliff was going to hold in the rain. And now I have read your post and also spoken with David who has an eye specialist appointment in Wellington tomorrow and is planning on leaving home at 5am to get to it on public transport ...

He has told me of the delays in getting to/from Wellington. Well, my flight was a bit bumpy (read very) but I am here!

And it was a lovely sunny day in CHC as I arrived and overcast but gentle rain here on the Coast - now how ironic is that?

PS Love the bit about the bovine battlements ...

Allison said...

Wow, everything happens at once. We are in our van traveling back home and yesterday we went through flooded areas in central NSW.I knew there was some bad weather around, but didn't realise roads were closed due to floods. We got through ok as the waters had subsided. We are glad to be in warmer weather now though. Enjoy your plan B.

Janice said...

Lucky you to be able to get to your appointments and hopefully have a Plan B.