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Sunday, 27 November 2016

A pair of Social Butterflies

I blame the pre-Christmas rush – it’s turning us into a pair of social butterflies.  What with a blokes breakfast for Robin, a ladies lunch for me, an invitation  to a birthday bash, and then hosting a lunch for friends at home, all in the space of a few day, it’s been one social activity after another.  And things will only get busier as various clubs and groups organize their end of year functions over the next few weeks.  You certainly need plenty of stamina at this time of the year to keep up with everything that is going on.  It’s just as well that the  next two weekends are caravan free for a change.  No rushing off here and there towing then caravan behind us as we are prone to do. 

Robin was in his Happy Place today.  Nice and cozy in his Lazy-Boy chair, watching his beloved All Black Rugby boys set against the mighty French rugby team.  And the score?  All Blacks  won with a 24-19 victory over France in Paris for their final Test of 2016.


All Blacks performing the Haka

It’s a good day to be inside today – outside it is a wet and wild Sunday.  The trees are bending in the wind, the strong wind is howling around our door, the rain comes in sheets, and Mother Nature must have forgotten that Summer is almost here.

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Janice said...

It sounds like you have received the weather we had here earlier in the week. It was glorious weather here, which is a little unusual on a weekend.