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Friday, 7 October 2016

World Record Licorice Allsort

What’s green, white and black and set to break a world record?  R J’s lime flavoured licorice allsort.  Local (Levin) company RJ’s licorice is a favourite of ours, and they were celebrating their 21st birthday with an attempt at making the world’s largest licorice allsort.

Crowds of people at RJ’s celebrating the 21st birthday

The Guinness Book of World Records is quite specific.  RJ’s had to advise exactly what the dimensions were to be, and then achieve them.  The giant allsort was assembled in the factory, measured and weighed.  Then the announcement was made – yes, it was official, it was a world record liquorice allsort!

The giant allsort

Then the fun began – slices were cut off and tossed into the crowd.  We saw youngsters walking around with huge quantities of bright green lolly and/or black licorice  in their hands.  Guess there will be some overdosed and sick kids later in the day. We were much more civilized and queued up to buy some bargain priced bags of  licorice.  Staff walked around the crowd with trays of free samples for everyone to try.  They didn’t last long!

Free samples to try

The rules require the product to be used, so most of the giant allsort was donated to the chosen charity, the Salvation Army.  We heard cries of “Shieldy, Shieldy”  as kids queued up to have their photos taken with the giant red shield.


After all that excitement it was time for a cuppa.  Robin went to purchase a bacon and egg roll, while I bought a much more lady-like scone with jam and cream, and two cups of tea.  And got two free mugs thrown in with my purchase – I’m sure they will make an appearance at the next caravan club rally.  We found a couple of spare seats in the tea tent and sat down to enjoy our morning tea.

Time for a cuppa

It was great to join the crowds and be part of RJ’s 21st birthday celebrations and their bid to set a Guinness World Record.  Congratulations indeed!

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Janice said...

What a fun atmosphere it must have been. I can just see the big sign going up on the entrance to town about the world record. Glad I o see that you didn't gorge yourselves on a giant piece of the big all sort.