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Monday, 10 October 2016

Lots of Lego

It’s Lego, Jim, but not as we know it.  Seems those little itty bitty plastic blocks have grown up over the years and  now come in all shapes and sizes.  We met up with our SLG friends on Sunday, and after having a coffee to fortify ourselves, Calvin led us into the Brickton –NZ show in Upper Hutt.  We joined the queue of excited kids with their parents, handed over the princely sum of $2, got our hand stamped, and stepped inside the hall to bedlam!

Enter if you dare

I don’t really recall Lego in my life, but I’m sure my kids must have played with it over the years.  We walked around the hall, peering over the top of kids heads clustered around each table, looking at all sorts of fancy models made from these little blocks.

Ready for war, and city scene

Taj Mahal and Sydney Opera House

Dog or dinosaur?

After we’d had our fill of tripping over kids and fighting the crowds, we went to look at another exhibition in the adjacent hall.  This was rather clever, I thought, and portrayed photos of scenes, made of Lego of course, depicting famous movies.

Titanic and Jaws

Remember E T?

After all that excitement Calvin took us out for lunch to The 7 Bar.  There was plenty to chose from, and I decided to have prawns and scallops.  The waiter had to come and make sure I knew my meal would be served on a hot stone (I hadn’t realised that) and would still be cooking in front  of me.  Why not – I love seafood.

My yummy lunch

Out for lunch with our SLG friends

After lunch we retired to Calvin and Helen’s home for afternoon tea, and then went our separate ways home.  Thanks Calvin, for a day out with a difference.  We took a detour down to Lower Hutt for Robin to refill some water bottles with lovely fresh untreated artesian water.  These places are always busy with people wanting to do the same.

All after fresh artesian water

With that job ticked off our list, it was time to start the long journey back home.  Oh look, there’s Kapiti Island off the coast of Paekakariki.  Robin often asks why I keep taking photos of the island.  It’s just like the mountains, I love looking at them.

Kapiti Island


Janice said...

Another fun day. Your lunch looked delicious. We did have a few little building blocks when we were little. Similar to Lego, but not Lego. It think it must have become more popular here in the 70s. We were just a bit too early for it. I had more fun with my Cuisenaire Rods. Do you remember those from when your kids were little?

Katie said...

My brother and I had Lego, we added to it for our children, and now my son and his boys are Lego obsessed. I hate to think of how many sets they must have. Oh well. If you have to have an obsession it’s not as bad as some! :-)