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Monday, 31 October 2016

Firing up the Weber

A pork roast for dinner – let’s try it in our Weber Baby Q.  The BBQ certainly cooks a leg of lamb to perfection, so we were hoping that a piece of pork would come out just as nice. 

Firing up the BBQ

The first thing to do was to prepare the skin for crackling.  Robin had found a hint on the Weber Owner’s Face Book page – so easy that we wondered why we had not thought of it ourselves.  And it worked beautifully – although we probably aren’t allowed to divulge such secrets to non Webber owners!

Delicious aromas filled the air outside in our small courtyard as  the pork was cooking.  Using a meat thermometer makes cooking a roast easy – when the meat reaches the required temperature, it is done.

Half way through the process

When the pork was done we took it off the BBQ to rest for a while (that’s what the TV chefs tell you to do) and took the roast veggies out of the pan and onto the grill plate to get nice and crispy.

Pork is cooked, roast veggies almost done

That gave me time to cook some lovely fresh asparagus, make some gravy, and then we were ready to sit down and enjoy our Sunday roast.  And there is nothing nicer!


Marilyn McDonald said...

We need to come and visit you to experience that Weber, Jenny - send an invitation!

My mouth watered reading about the asparagus - I'll be getting some in the next few days, for sure!


Janice said...

My mouth is watering just looking at that pork. A Baby Q has made its way into the tunnel boot of our van. Haven't had a chance to try it yet, but will do for sure.