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Saturday, 15 October 2016

What’s happened to Spring?

Although it’s officially Spring down here in New Zealand, the weather has turned wet and cold again.  We have had some lovely warm days not so long ago, warm enough for Robin to don his shorts, and for both of us to dispense with jumpers.  But Mother Nature is fickle sometimes, and she is not yet ready to let us enjoy continuous long sunny days.  The Tararua Ranges behind our property are just poking out of the misty rain clouds.

Over our back fence

Some of the pots on the patio have been touched with Spring, and our lavender is in bloom.

A few blooms on the lavender bush

We don’t feed the birds in Spring as they should be busy building nests and gathering all the plentiful food for their youngsters.  But as it has been so wet lately I topped up the seed feeder for them.  They were suitably grateful, and gathered around, chasing one another away as they tried to get in close to the seed.

The sparrows come calling

We are looking forward to an exciting day out tomorrow,  involving an engine, some carriages, and a track. And a boat, followed by a vintage bus.   Sounds like fun – just our sort of day!


Tom and Jan said...

You we supposed to bring Spring back from Darwin!

Janice said...

We are having a fickle spring here too. We get a couple of nice days, just to tease us, and then a cold front will come through and take us back to winter. On the nice days we have then had frosts, something that we avoided most of the time during winter as it was always so cloudy. This weekend is lovely, but Monday is forecast to be back to winter. We just have to keep covering those tomatoes for a while longer.