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Monday, 18 July 2016

No wonder it’s Cold

The cold wind must have followed us home from our weekend at Foxton Beach.  You have to be brave to step outside and face that wind – talk about bone chilling temperatures.  But of course there is a reason – check out the hills.  Covered in just a little more than a light dusting of snow.  No wonder it is cold.

Snow covered Tararua Ranges

But the weather is a fickle thing, and a short time later the snow had disappeared, and was replaced by a rainbow.  Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful!

Snow scene replaced by a pretty rainbow


Janice said...

You must be having the cold blast we had last week. We have had a couple of nice warm days, but now it is raining again and is supposed to continue for a fee more days

Anonymous said...

Both are beautiful views! Thanks for sharing them.