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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy Campers at Fisherman’s Table

With such a long break between caravan rallies, some of us were suffering from withdrawal symptoms.  If caravanning was not on the immediate agenda, perhaps a mid winter lunch might be a good alternative?  I booked the restaurant, emailed out the details, and the acceptances soon rolled into the computer in-box.  Everyone seemed happy with the idea of a mid winter get-together.

It was starting to feel like mid winter as we drove down SH1 to our destination.  The wind definitely had a “wind chill factor” to chill the bones, and the Tararua Ranges looked lovely with a sprinkling of snow.

Tararua Ranges

Our group was meeting up at Fishermans Table, Paekakariki, and 19 happy campers soon arrived, chatting away, calling out greetings, and finding a chair at the long table set up for our group. 

Fisherman’s Table, Paekakariki

Robin and I decided that as this restaurant specialized in fish, that was what we would order.  Although he did toy with the idea of having a big juicy steak for a while.  But fish it was for the two of us, tarakihi for him, and seafood pasta in a rich cheese sauce for me. Plus plenty of variety from the salad bar.  The orders duly arrived at the table, and that kept us quiet for a while as we tucked into our various choices, and sipped on a glass of wine, beer or juice.

And here we all are

Did we want to order dessert, the waitress asked.  Why not – is was an occasion, after all.  Robin never goes past an ice-cream sundae, and I had spotted creme brulee on the menu, so that was us sorted.

He's happy with his chocolate ice-cream sundae

The restaurant looks out over the coast line, and guests can sit outside in warmer weather.  The views through the large windows were lovely, and we were nice and cozy inside and away from the cold wind.

View from the restaurant window

It was good to catch up again with some of our members whom we hadn’t seen for a while, and after the meal, there was a lot of seat swapping going on so people could talk to others at the far end of the tables.  And talk we did, there is always plenty of noise and chatter amongst our bunch of happy campers.  Finally it was time to pay the bill, say our goodbyes, and wend our way back to our respective homes. Now, just how long is it till the next caravan rally?


Janice said...

What a lovely way to spend the day. I'm with you. There is no bones in creme brulee, so it always will fit in at the end of a nice meal.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Janice's point about no bones in creme brulee is a point well made! I must remember that next time I am wondering if I have a dessert-sized space left!
In the last photo, Jenny, is that the South Island I can see in the far distance? It is often visible from the road before Pukerua Bay, isn't it?