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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Menz Shed Luncheon

The Secret Society of Menz Shedders allowed their other halves a peek into their secret men’s business the other day.  One of the blokes had organised a lunch, and yes, the womenfolk were cordially invited.  We gathered at The Avenue, a restaurant just north of town.


The building is an unusual log cabin construction, with exposed rafters on the ceilings.  Our group was seated at two tables, with plenty of chatter filling the room.  And what’s for lunch?  With such a big crowd, we were having a set menu.  Mmm, roast lamb, that sounds tasty.


Secret Society of Menz Shedders and their spouses

The meals were delicious, tasty roast lamb and plenty of veggies, with apple shortcake for dessert.  And excellent value too, we felt,  at $17 a head for two courses.

Derek and Dot, Robin and Jenny

Robin has just recently joined the local Menz Shed and is now a fully paid up member.  This is a place where retired men can meet for friendship and fellowship, and practical advice to help with any of their projects.  But they are very clear on one matter – “No Women Allowed”.


Sandra said...

Sounds like a fab group. We drove through Levin yesterday and I thought of you, I hope you're well Jenny

Janice said...

Good to see that the ladies were at least allowed to join in lunch. You get the perks, without having to attend meetings etc.