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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Day out at Kapiti

We had things to do down Kapiti way.  Most importantly, to check our booking at Paekakariki Holiday Park.  We are rally family at this camp in a few weeks time, and needed to make sure that our booking had been recorded.  As it happened, the office lady was out for the day, and her hubby was busy doing outside jobs and not inclined to check our booking.  “There’s plenty of room here”, he said, “Of course we can fit you in”.   He was right of course, with over 200 sites there’s room for an army.  And the camp is not likely to be full in the middle of winter.

As I wandered around to take a photo of the giant flowering, or maybe it is fruiting, cactus, a voice said hello.  It was fellow club members Barrie and Dianne who were returning their caravan to the secure area.


Huge cactus bush

Chatting away, we were kept amused by the antics of a mother tui and her fledgling in the trees overhead.  We had never seen a baby tui before, and try as I might, I just couldn’t get a decent photo of them through the branches and the leaves.

Next stop was back to Paraparaumu, and soon attended to our business at the beach shops.  Noon must mean it’s time for lunch, we reasoned, so we went into Fed Up Foods for a fish lunch.   Tasty Bluff oysters were on the menu, but at $38 a dozen (cooked) we sadly had to turn them down.  “Cooee, cooee” called a lady in the café, don’t know who she is, so she surely can’t be talking to us. 

But we did know them – it was former caravan club members Andy and Bev.  Bev used to have a head of bright red hair, and that was why we didn’t immediately recognise her – she is now sports a very elegant steel grey hair do.  We joined them at their table, ate our lunches together, and caught up with  each other’s news.

Lunch over, we had a few more things to do, this time in the bustling local mall.  With the school holidays almost over, the place was buzzing with kids, little ones out with their Mums and Grannies, and plenty of teens mooching around.  With all our shopping and chores taken care of, it was time to relax with a cuppa.  And this looks just the place, Butlers Chocolate Café.


I went to the counter and ordered a Flat White for him,and a Hot Chocolate for me.  And what chocolates would you like with your drinks, I was asked.  That was a hard choice, for a procrastinator like me.  I looked at the selection in the cabinet, read all the little labels and finally told myself, just choose something!  So we got a double chocolate choccie each, and they were absolute bliss! 

We drove back home with rain all the way until we reached Levin.  Surprisingly the roads were dry, the washing was safe on the clothesline, and no sign of rain at all.  Who would have thought it?

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