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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rally at Raumati School

Towering over our caravan at Raumati School was a lovely old macrocarpa tree.  Macrocarpa (also known as Monterey cypress) was brought to New Zealand in the 1860s, and planted for shelter around farms.  This old tree has obviously had a long life in the school grounds, and recent plans to remove it met with fierce opposition from the locals.  The wind blew fierce and strong on Saturday evening, and I must admit I did have concerns in case the tree came crashing down on top of us.  But old Father Tree was made of stronger stuff, and just shook his branches and laughed at the wind blowing through the foliage. 

Macrocarpa tree towering over us at the school

Sunday afternoon 4zees outside in the autumn sunshine.
The rally captains suggested a night off from cooking on Sunday night, and we all heartily endorsed this idea.  It was just a short five minute walk down to the local pub, the Boundary Tap and Restaurant.


Most of us chose roast pork with all the trimmings, and it was very tasty.  Our attentive waitress was doing a great job, taking orders, and had a lovely friendly personality.  Perhaps she thought that she would be able to keep our table of pensioners well in line.  But with a flick of the wrist, she knocked Charlie’s glass of wine all over the table, and all over Robin and me!  It splattered over his shirt and my blouse, and then running over our trouser legs! At least it was a glass of white wine, and not red!   The poor girl was really apologetic, and rushed out with towels to dab our clothing, and deftly cleaned up the table.  She even replaced Charlie’s now empty wine glass.

Ready for our dinner

The desserts sounded so nice that we just had to order one – it’s not that we needed it, mind you.  Robin can never go past chocolate sundae (boring), and I joined several others who chose bread and butter pudding.  The fruit crumble looked nice too.

All dabbed dry but clothing still smelling of wine!

With Anzac Day on Monday, it was a three day weekend.  Monday morning dawned nice and sunny again, and after morning tea it was time to pack up and head for home.  The road traffic is always heavy on long holiday weekend, but luckily we were going against the flow of most of the traffic, and only had a short drive home.  It was another great caravan club rally away with friends.

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