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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fun at Kahutara School

Ever played disc bowls?  We heard that disc bowls are very popular in Australia, and in keeping with inter-country competition, anything the Aussies can do on a sports field, we Kiwis feel we can do better!  The Wairarapa club was pitted against Heretaunga, and we battled it out, flinging those discs every which way.  However, my inclusion in one of the teams didn’t help us at all, but then, I’m not known for my sporting prowess.  

Robin playing disc bowls

Rae and Dave were on grand-parent duties for the weekend and their two young grand-sons were happily burning off some of that excess energy on the BMX track at the school.  What a great thing for the local kids to have one of these tracks right on their doorstep.

On the BMX track

Caravan rallies are all about relaxing outside, if the weather is kind enough, and catching up with friends.  We were lucky with the weather, and had plenty of sunshine all weekend, which meant we could enjoy morning tea and 4zees sitting outside.  Although we certainly noticed a distinct coolness in the early morning temperatures, which assured us Autumn is well and truly here.

Poor old grand-dad!

Morning tea in the sun shine

It was a very laid back weekend, not too much organized, and plenty of time to catch up and socialize.  But there must have been something in the air, as three of our Heretaunga members had problems with their batteries over the weekend.  The rally came to an end, as they do, and some rushed off early – places to go and people to see.  We departed late morning, and drove back to Featherston and the dump station, passing paddocks with hay all cut and rolled, ready to be stacked away.

It’s hay cutting season

The Rimutaka Ranges were covered in low cloud as we made our way up the 555 metre high summit before going down the Hutt side of the road.  This road is steep and windy, prone to wind gusts, but if you take your time, it is easy enough to tow the caravan over it.  Meeting large trucks on some of the corners can be a challenge, but luckily we haven’t had any problems on this road so far.

The Rimutaka Ranges

Work is coming along well at the bottom of Haywards Hill where a new fly-over is taking shape.  Still a long way till completion, by the look of it.

New fly-over being constructed at Haywards Hill


Janice said...

I've never heard of disc bowls. Maybe it is popular in bowling circles, rather than the wider community.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Disc bowls looks like it could be a good idea beside the canal - of course throwing would have to be accurate or the towpath would have to be wide! I need more info, Jenny, about equipment and rules.
Cheers, M