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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Chickens and the Flu

It was time to visit the Big Egg and collect some more super fresh free range eggs.  The chickens were out enjoying the sunshine and they are always keen to come rushing over to the fence when visitors appear.  Perhaps the strange lady will have some food for them – their little chicken brains were probably thinking.  What they don’t know is that their days are numbered, the staff told us.  Their laying days are almost at an end, and they will soon be going to the great big chicken farm in the sky.  Then another, younger, bunch will take their place, and the egg laying will start again.  But in the meantime, ignorance is bliss.  These chickens were happily clucking around in the sunny outdoors, looking for worms and insects, rolling in the soft warm dirt, and having a lovely time.

Enjoying the outdoors at the Big Egg

So it was goodbye to the chickens, and hello to the flu injection for us both.The influenza immunisation is free to pregnant women (we don’t qualify), those with ongoing medical issues, or the elderly.  OK, we admit we are getting on a bit, but surely we are not yet elderly?  We fronted up for our appointment, had a quick jab, then had to sit and wait for a wee while in case we had a reaction.  Nope – we felt fine, so we went home.  Over a million Kiwis get the flu vaccination each year – and immunisation prepares our immune systems to fight influenza.  It’s a great scheme, and funded through the Ministry of Health.

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