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Friday, 8 April 2016

Over the hill to Featherston

With a weekend caravan club rally coming up, what could be better than leaving home a day early?  So we did, all packed up and ready to roll by 10.30am.  There’s a little new technology in the tow car now.  Robin has invested in a new 7 inch Garmin, the larger screen makes it so much easier to read.  And he has recently purchased and fitted a new monitor so we can see what is coming up behind us much more clearly. 

New boy’s toys

Down SH1 we went, driving slowly past all the road works, around the Pauahatanui Inlet, and over Haywards Hill.  Lots of big machinery parked up at the intersection of Haywards Hill Road and SH2 as a new fly-over is being built.  We stopped for lunch at a handy picnic area along the Hutt River at Upper Hutt, put the kettle on the hob, and it wasn’t long until Geoff and Eileen arrived.

Lunch along the Hutt River bank

Our journey continued up and over the Rimutaka Hill, driving carefully as it was rather windy on some of the corners.  Our stop for the evening was at Lyon Street, Featherston.

We were surprised to find several vans already parked up – guess we thought we would be the only ones there.  But there was room for the two of us, and as we slotted into place, the neighbours popped out for a chat.  You know how it goes – where are you from, where are you heading to, and how long have you been away from home this trip. 

Parked up at Lyon Street, Featherston

Houston – we have a problem.  The right front plastic wheel spat was starting to “hang loose” which wasn’t a good thing at all.  There was no way we could continue with our journey without damaging it further,  so out came Robin’s trusty tool box and he unbolted it and put it carefully away in the back of the 4WD.  When we return home he will have to see if it can be repaired and refitted, or perhaps we might need to purchase a new one.

Unbolting the loose wheel spat

The plastic cover was bolted on here

After 4zees, and putting the world to rights, we walked a short distance to the local fish and chip shop.  It was very busy, which is always a good sign, and while waiting for our orders we chatted to a couple of locals.  “Best toasted sandwhices ever”, one lady told us, and another customer waxed lyrical about his hamburger which he orders once a week.  There were no complaints about or fish and chips either, very tasty.  We smiled as we read the sign up in the shop:

We have trained our seats not to jump on your children
Please ask your children not to jump on our seats, because they are unstable.

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Janice said...

It sounds like the stArt to another good weekend. Just as well you noticed the guard coming adrift. I hope it can be repaired.