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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Noises in the Night

If you like the hot sun beating down, Te Horo was the place to be over the weekend.  Sheltering under hats, sunshades, and awnings, was the way to go, and especially those lovely large shady trees, big enough for a large noisy group of happy campers to shelter under.  We certainly made good use of the shade provided during the weekend.  With 17 caravans, 6 motor homes, 1 5th wheeler and 2 tents camping at the school over the long weekend, there were hordes of campers everywhere.


Some of the vans at Te Horo School

Now – about those noises, we arrived back at our caravan after the wine tasting and raffle drawing followed by a friendly neighbourly cuppa to find our fridge light flashing red.  Didn’t need to guess what that was, the gas bottle had run out and needed replacing.  So out came Robin’s tool box and he was soon busy using his electric drill unscrewing this and that, taking the nose cone off the front of the caravan, more unscrewing as he undid the cradle supporting the gas bottle.  Then crash – as the new gas cylinder slipped out of his hands into place.  Everything was then noisily replaced while I stood there training the torch on the correct places so that he could see what he was doing.  And in all that time, possibly 15 minutes, no one peeked through their curtains,  and not a single camper stuck their head out the door to see what was going on.  We could have been burglars up to nefarious business, getting ready to tow a caravan or two away, or perhaps removing wheels and gas bottles.  We’ve decided that we either sounded too honest out there in the dark of the night, or maybe everyone was away in the Land of Nod and just did not hear a thing!

At Regional rallies such as this, it is always great to catch up with friends from other clubs whom we hadn’t seen in a while.  Such as Pauline, from the Wainuiomata Caravan Club.  Pauline and her late husband Geoff were part of the group who travelled with us on our South Island Odyssey a few years ago.  She still continues to rally with her caravan club, and uses a tent these days, or hires a cabin in cooler months.  We were very impressed with her tent and she has everything to hand.  Tidy plastic units hold the kitchen things nicely, and with a bed, table and chair, BBQ for cooking, basin to wash dishes, she is very well organised indeed.

Pauline loves camping

The weekend finished on Monday morning when the banners were removed from the hall, everyone thanked the Wellington Caravan Club for running the rally, and we had our last cuppa together.  The Wellington Club did a great job of organising the weekend, especially when they were thrown a curve ball just a few weeks before the rally weekend as due to take place.  The original venue was suddenly not available, so in panic mode, frantic phone calls were made to find another school.  Happily it all worked out in the end, with Te Horo School proving to be a great second choice.  The clubs gathered underneath their respective flags and we had our club photos taken.

Heretaunga Caravan Club members

It was time to say our goodbyes to one and all.  Dot had done such a good job of driving their motor home down on Friday to the rally, that she decided she would get in a little more practice and drive it home again.

Dot in the driving seat

With a visit to the dump station on the way home, it wasn’t too long till we arrived back home safe and sound.  The caravan was unpacked, the first load of washing was put on, and it was time for a late lunch.  It was another great weekend away.

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