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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Homeward Bound

We never did get anyone else camping in Mathews Park in Norsewood with us.  So we enjoyed the solitude, and the bird life flitting around.  The resident tui kept us entertained, flying here and there, chasing other birds away from his patch, and tucking in to the nectar from the flax  flowers to keep his strength up. 

Tui on duty, surveying his kingdom

There is nothing nicer than catching a lovely sunset at the end of the day.

Sun going down in the west

Although we didn’t have any other campers in Mathews Park, we were not entirely alone during the evening.  Members of the local Small Bore Rifle Club met in their club room next door to the camp and the distant crack of rifles could be heard over the TV.
Next morning dawned a little cloudy so I did not get a nice clear photo of the Ruahine Ranges as I had hoped.  The large paddock over the back of the camp  looks like it is almost ready for hay cutting.

Ruahine Ranges

Our time in Norsewood had come to an end and it was time to head home.  The caravan was hooked up to the car, and we stopped at the handy recycling bins on the way out of town, to rid ourselves of plastic, glass, cardboard, and a bag of rubbish.  Driving through the narrow, windy, Manawatu Gorge, I try not to think of rock falls and land slides, it won’t happen to us, surely?  It’s always rather sobering looking ahead and seeing the road jutting out over the edge and propped up on all those piles.  Perhaps it’s better not to think about it too much.

Manawatu Gorge

Of course, we got through safely, so what was I worried about.   Once home, we unpacked the caravan, stopped for a bite of lunch, then finished the cleaning.  It’s all ready now for our next time away.


Marilyn McDonald said...

That cantilevered roadway gives me the shivers too, Jenny! Your Norsewood camping site looks idyllic. Glad you are home before the weather hits later today ...
Cheers, Marilyn

Jenny said...

I try not to get too concerned about driving through the Gorge, (but what about all those rock slides?) other people take it in their stride without a second thought.

The bad weather is meant to be on it's way, but no sign of it just yet.