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Monday, 11 January 2016

Happy 70th Birthday

We attended a very special birthday party in the weekend.  John is a member of our SLG and had reached the grand old age of 70.  (Gulp, it can’t be that old, didn’t I turn 70 a wee while ago?)  We joined John and Jan, their family, and lots of friends at the Summerset Village where they now reside, for a lovely afternoon.

Birthday Cake

John’s birthday cake reflected his Scottish heritage and featured the Gunn clan motto - "Aut Pax Aut Bellum" which means "Either peace or war".  Incidentally, I am also part of the Gunn clan, as I discovered during a previous trip to Scotland.  John comes down the Jamieson line, while I am descended through the Wilson line.  Which really means that John and I are long lost cousins, I guess.  That’s what I tell him, anyway.

A few speeches were made, the birthday cake was cut, and photos taken.  So here is one of our SLG friends there to help John celebrate his birthday.  Almost a full house, with just one away with a previous commitment.

Happy Birthday John, from your SLG friends

Platters of delicious nibbles kept arriving, sandwiches, savouries, tasty little meat balls, and lovely plates of sweet treats.  As we nibbled, and chattered, I recognised one of John’s friends in another part of the hall.  Who was he?  I was sure  I knew him from somewhere, but just couldn’t quite remember where.  Finally I approached him and we went through various scenarios, work places, clubs, neighbourhoods.  Finally we cracked it – he had worked for Post Office Headquarters in Wellington, as both Robin and I had, in our earlier working life.   I’m pleased we sorted that out.

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