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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Blue Dome Sunday

It’s been a lazy kind of Sunday today.  One of those beautiful “Blue Dome” kind of days where the warm sun is shining, the gentle breezes blow, the birds are singing in the trees, and best of all, we are enjoying a quiet weekend at home.  The morning started, as usual,  with a cup of tea in bed.  The first one to wake gets up to put the kettle on, make a cuppa, and bring it back to bed to share with the sleepyhead who would have woken up while all this activity was going on.

And Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without Robin’s speciality, a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Plus tomatoes for me.  Yum, that’s a great family Sunday tradition.

I took a quick trip down town mid morning to purchase some seedlings to replenish my flower pots.  Note to self:  remember to collect a trolley next time.  It’s not a good look to arrive at the checkout clutching tightly at four punnets of seedlings, handbag, and shopping bag, especially while  wearing a white top which ends up getting covered in potting mix all down the front.  After waiting for the sun to move around a bit, the pots have now been replanted, so that’s my most important job of the day done.

It’s been lovely sitting outside in the fresh air, under the shady sun umbrella, sipping on yet another cuppa, and just relaxing as the world goes by.   Especially when we reflect on a couple of our favourite UK narrow boat blogs which we read this morning, when they described waking up on a canal which was iced over!  Full throttle ahead to break the ice must be quite an experience in winter cruising.

And Robin read on his motor home forum today where a Leisureline caravan owner (like us) discovered that his caravan had been stolen from the storage area.  So around he rushed, quick smart, to put the wheel clamp back on our van.  How heartbreaking it must be to lose your van to scum bags like that.

With such a nice day we just had to have a BBQ for our evening meal, tasty pork sausages, onions, and zucchinis cooked on the Weber.  Salad too, of course, and a nice cool dessert of fresh strawberries, blueberries, ice-cream and jelly.

Summertime means BBQs

The garden needed a good watering, so that was done in the early evening once the temperatures had dropped a little.  That should keep our tomatoes, beans and lettuce growing.  It tough life, living in paradise as we do,  but someone has to!

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Janice said...

That sounds like the perfect day. It does sound like paradise. After doing quite a bit of travelling it is always nice to relax at home.