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Friday, 3 July 2015

Who’s that up on the Roof?

Who’s that up on the roof?  I’d just returned back home after a quick trip to the shops to see  a man up high.  It was that painter fellow,  doing the next stage of staining the cedar cladding.  After doing all the low bits, he had to get his ladder out and climb up to stain the gable end.  And so he didn’t damage the tiles with his big heavy feet, he laid a plank over a couple of sandbags and stood on that.  By the time I was on the scene, he had done the high pointy end, and was sitting down on the job finishing off bottom boards.

P7030044 Staining the cedar cladding

Whenever the painter comes calling, the rain comes down and he has to stop painting.  There must be a hex on him, I think.  He will be back early next week to put a second coat on, he told us.  It should have stopped raining by then, hopefully.

The rain set in during the afternoon, but we were cosy and warm spending the day at home.  And just look what is on the menu for our evening meal.  Bluff oysters, the tastiest oysters in the world!  And the only way to eat them as far as we are concerned, is cooked in batter!  With only a dozen between us (they’re a bit pricey)  we will be having a fish feast with the addition of a groper cutlet each, and some crumbed prawns each as well – a meal fit for a king, or maybe a pair of pensioners!

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