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Thursday, 9 July 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we joined our 60s Up group for their mid year Christmas Lunch.  Interesting enough, although it was held in the same restaurant as our earlier lunch with another group, we felt the meal wasn’t a patch on what we enjoyed at our previous visit.  Never mind, the price was good, as was the company.  We were talking so much that I never even got my camera out to photograph the occasion.  But once outside in the wintery sunshine,  I did manage a shot or two of the Tararua Ranges sporting a covering of snow. 

P7080012 Yesterday’s snow scene

But what a difference a day makes!  The snow line today was much lower and a sprinkle covered much of the lower hills in the foreground, although the higher hills were obscured with cloud cover.   And there was even snow falling on the grounds in our village, which brought great excitement.  Robin was outside with Danny the caretaker watching this phenomenon happen – it was not cold enough for the snow flakes to settle though.  How exciting, that doesn’t happen very often in little old Levin.


P7090029 Snow on the lower slopes

It’s so pretty to see, especially for people like us who live in an area that doesn’t have snow on the ground, and we always get a thrill out of seeing it away in the distance.  It would be quite a different story if we had to cope with dangerous icy roads which occur in other parts of the country, in the central plateau region and down in the South Island.  Meanwhile, we will enjoy seeing the snow on the hills as long as it lasts.


Tom and Jan said...

Awe... you're making me homesick!

Tom and Jan said...

I can handle the snow.... It's the freezing rain I hate! :-)

Jenny said...

We have never driven in snow, or walked over icy paths, so don't quite know how we would get on. Not very well, probably.
But cold wind, rain and sleet, that's what we were brought up on, living in the Wellington region!