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Friday, 17 July 2015

Misty Manawatu Morning

We woke to a camp shrouded in mist this morning.  A little spooky, but luckily there was not a sign of Heathcliffe anywhere.  (He must still be up on the moors somewhere, I imagine).

P7170035 View out of the caravan door

P7170030 Gypsy Rover and Romany Rambler in the mist.

The mist slowly disappeared to be replaced in the sky by a rainbow.  According to Mr Google, who knows absolutely everything, seeing a rainbow is a sign of good luck.  But not if you point at it.  Hope this doesn’t mean that by aiming my “point and shoot” camera at this rainbow I will go from the good luck to the bad luck phase in life!  Symbolic meaning of rainbows as a celestial bridge is in old Norse traditions - referred to as the Bifrost, which spanned into the world of the gods.

P7170041 A lucky rainbow

One by one, our caravan buddies arrived in camp.  Bill and Val arrived mid afternoon and it was a good few minutes before the penny dropped – they were towing a brand new van!  Another Leisureline too – Leisureline owners are taking over the club, it seems.  They were kept busy with a steady stream of visitors checking out the new acquisition, and very nice it is too.

P7170044 Another new Leisureline van in the club

The obligatory 4zees took place then later a small group of us walked over to the Bowling Club for a very reasonably priced evening meal in the cafe.  But we had to return back to camp quite smartly as the Argentina-All Blacks Rugby match was on TV.  The blokes didn’t want to miss that!

P7170045 All our vans lined up in a row

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Anonymous said...

I loved your misty photos! This reminded me of a couple of the RV parks we used to stay in from time to time. What fun I know you are having! You make me want to take to the road again ... but in something smaller than the 5th wheel!