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Monday, 20 July 2015

More from the Manawatu

Six of us had planned to attend the “Chocolate Éclair Rally” at Ohakune the previous week, but due to slips and flooding the rally was postponed for a month.  But, we decided, since we had to miss out going to Ohakune, we would enjoy a couple of those gooey squishy delights for Saturday morning tea at Foxton.  So we did.  Geoff was suitably jealous and wanted to know why we didn’t buy extra for him.  Tough luck, Geoff, they are all for us!

P7180048 How about these for morning tea?

The first bit of business to be attended to was to welcome Glennis and Dennis into our club, and Derek as President did the honours.  Great to have new members on board, guys.

P7180050Welcome to our club

The AGM then got underway, with the changing of the guard. Some left the committee, some joined, and some changed positions.  With such a keen committee we are ensured of a full and interesting year of caravanning. 

We had a meal out in the evening at the Foxton RSA, travelling in the courtesy van for a nominal fee each way.  With a lovely roast beef dinner, and fruit crumble to follow, we were well satisfied.  Especially with discount off for Gold Card holders, which we all were, this made it a very reasonably priced meal indeed.

Displayed in the dining room was a lovely carved door lintel, carved from an ancient piece of Kauri 700 years old, with polished paua shell used for the eyes.  A Taiaha, a weapon of war used by a chief, hangs above.

P7180057  On display in the RSA dining room

Saturday night was rather wild, with wind and rain howling around.  People were seen creeping around outside in their night attire rescuing objects which had blown around, and winding down the roof mounted TV antennas.  No wonder the temperatures had dropped, there was a decent snow fall on the ranges, and the wind had quite a wintery bite to it.  With reports of more bad weather on the way, most packed up and headed for their respective homes after morning tea.  We didn’t have too far to travel, so stayed on for lunch before  finally heading home.  It was a great weekend, which came with quite a surprise – more about that later.

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