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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Welcome Home to D & D

We caught up with our friends Dot and Derek (of Gypsy Rover fame) today.  They have returned back to New Zealand after four years or so travelling around the canals of England on their narrow-boat Gypsy Rover.  (We joined them aboard for an unforgettable eight day adventure exploring the Llangollen Canal when we holidayed in UK in 2008.)  Their canal boating adventures came to an end when they changed over to a campervan, and they spent the last few months touring England, Scotland and Wales before coming home.  So we had a lot of news to catch up on over a home cooked lunch today.  There were tales of places visited, and adventures enjoyed.  Future plans were discussed too, including our joint South Island Odyssey planned for February next year - that should be fun, and we are all looking forward to our trip down south.
DSCF7325Derek and Dot

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