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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Time springs forward

When we go to bed tonight we must remember to put our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving.  But it is not just the clocks, is it?  There is the video recorder to change, most important, or we will be recording the wrong programme.  Then there is  the clock on the oven, and both cars have a clock too.  Mustn’t forget to change our our watches, either.  There have been plenty of reminders on the radio and local newspapers.  The Hutt Valley Emergency Management Controller is encouraging residents to also check on stored water and emergency supplies, and check the batteries in fire alarms when they alter their clocks.  It’s a good time to change stored emergency water, he says, or for those who don’t have any, to start a supply.  As instructed, Robin poured the stored water onto the garden, then washed the containers in hot water before refilling.
DSCF7438 Washing the container in hot water
Each container should be filled till overflowing, making sure that there are no air gaps, with the lids tightly fastened, then stored away from sunlight.  It is recommended that people have at least three litres of drinking water per person, per day, for at least three days, stored at home, in case of emergencies.  We have got four containers stored in the shed and garage as well as 80 litres in the caravan fresh water tank (should be enough we hope).
DSCF7441 All refilled and ready to be put away
With this important job out of the way, and after mowing the lawns yesterday, as well as trimming the edges, Robin will have no qualms about sitting down in front of the TV later to catch his fix of the Rugby World Cup.  The mighty All Blacks are playing France so it is sure to be a tough, bruising game.

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