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Thursday, 1 September 2011

First day of Spring

It’s official – today is the first day of Spring.  But…. wasn’t that heavy snow we had all over the place a few weeks ago?  Never mind, it was Winter then.  According to the World Meteorological Organization, the first climatological day of spring is 1st September  in the southern hemisphere.  Which means that our friends in the northern hemisphere are moving into autumn.  Did you know that the tropical and polar regions of the Earth do not have a spring season?  We didn’t, but Wiki Answers assure us it is true.
We have seen some lovely trees on our walk full of blossom, including this glorious magnolia tree all ready to burst into full flower.
DSCF7257 Magnolia tree
DSCF7258Another road side tree in blossom
In our rather neglected garden we have some spring bulbs pushing their cheery flowers through the weeds.  There are some jonquils by the back steps and a few daffodils flowering in front of an azalea by the garage.  
DSCF7279 Daffodils and pink azalea
There are plenty of busy birds in the garden, pecking away at the bird pudding and feeding from the seed container.  We like to think that they are all getting ready to raise their families soon.  We don’t need to worry about Muffy going after any baby birds, she doesn’t seem to have a hunting bone in her whole body!

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Katie said...

Lovely! Spring is my favorite season, so I'm glad I don't live in those Spring-less places. The first day of Autumn here is September 23rd. And I'm ready! No more hot weather.....PLEASE! :-)