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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Curry, levitation, and cake at Camp Elsdon

Camp Elsdon is only a short drive down the hill to the bustling Porirua shopping centre.  Peter and Elaine fancied a curry for lunch and knew of a favourite restaurant with very reasonable prices.  Who would like to join them?  Six of us drove down to partake in an Indian lunch at Curry Village. 
DSCF7346  Under the covered walkway to Curry Village
We perused the menu and made our choices.  The $12 charge for lunch included a curry of our choice and came with rice, a big round, puffy naan bread, and a soft drink.  The restaurant was nicely appointed, and the service was excellent.  Our lunch companions were top notch too!
In the evening we gathered in the kitchen around the large family sized wooden table.  Peter and Elaine had organised a couple of competitions to test our brain power.  As usually happens, some of us did better than others.  Then he produced a top and told us he could make it levitate while spinning in the air.  Did anyone believe this claim?  Of course not – but in all seriousness, it did happen, right before our eyes.
DSCF7348 The levitating spinning top
This is marketed as a “High-tech permanent UFO magnetic suspensible flying disc”, which is certainly an accurate description.  Peter purchased it after seeing it demonstrated in an Australian market a couple of years ago.  Seems the secret is a very strong magnet or two in the blue box.
The next day Don and Pamela provided a delicious chocolate cake for  Sunday morning tea to celebrate their recent 200 rally award.  As the weather was not the best, no-one wanted to stay on for lunch.  Much better to pack up and head for home before the rain came down.   
DSCF7350 Celebrating 200 rallies

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