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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Trouble Down Under

The Sunday paper said it all- "Fill up now before price shock hits". On Sunday a litre of 91 petrol cost $2.00. Today it had risen 6c a litre to $2.06, with the price of Super reaching $2.13 and diesel is now $1.79. The little blue Astra was three quarters full so Robin took it for a top up today , and that cost $40.00. That's over $150.00 to completely fill the tank of a smallish car. Goodness knows what the Isuzu 4WD would cost to fill!!!

Luckily we both work fairly close to home, so commuting costs are relatively low. But we all realize high fuel prices have spin off effects on all areas of life. There have been calls for the Government to reduce the tax on fuel while the prices continue to sky-rocket, but as the Tui ad says, "Yeah - right."

On another topic, we've all heard of "road rage", now there is "web rage", as also reported in the Sunday paper. Seems a disgruntled Trade Me user who objected to negative feedback drove 40 kms across Auckland to his victim's house, assaulted him and forced him to remove the negative comment from the web site. The article warns against sharing personal information. Jenny dabbles in Trade Me from time to time and doesn't see how to get around this warning. After all, one must put the return address on a parcel, surely?

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