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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

By Jove - she's done it!!!

There was great excitement in our household today, Jenny took her very first funeral service!!!
Previously she had done baby namings and house blessings, (even a caravan blessing) and these types of ceremonies are rather fun to do. A funeral of course is quite a different matter. First step is meeting with the family, asking questions and taking notes, then going home to write the service and the life narrative. This can take a long time with several re-writes. A few changes always need to be made here and there, facts added, some things amended. Then it is a matter of practice, practice, practice, the sentences need to flow nicely. A celebrant does not need to know it all off by heart, but must be able to speak to the audience, and not just read the words.
Whew - it's done. Several people came up to say what a nice service it was, so that was very kind of them. And the family was most appreciative, which is the main thing.

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