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Sunday, 15 June 2008

7 weeks and counting!!

We checked the calendar and it is now only 7 weeks till our big OE to England via Singapore. Plans are coming along quite well and and now it is just a matter of tidying up a few loose ends.
We have now: Ordered and received Robin's new passport. (Jenny's one is OK, we checked)
Booked our London accommodation.
Booked the rental car.
Renewed our Historic Places subscription - we can use it in UK.
Organised our health insurance - extremely important for travellers.
Booked and paid for our air fares - we don't care if the price goes up now!!
Booked and paid for our 5 day New York-Niagara Falls bus tour.
Arranged to meet up with our friends to do the Llangollen Canal on their narrow boat. They kindly organised the train fares London-Wales.
And today........... We have purchased new wheelie suit-cases each.

Last time we went overseas we only had "ordinary" suitcases and what a nuisance they were trundling round the airports and on trains. We bought these nice new ones today and procrastinated over the selection for ages. Shall we buy the medium size or the large? We voted for medium as they have to fit in the boot of the rental car easily. The ones we really liked had a 10 year warranty, but were not on special. Luckily the store supervisor offered them to us at at 40% discount, it certainly was our lucky day!!

One of Jenny's colleagues brought in her photo album of her own UK trip done a few years ago. They spent a couple of days on the Llangollen Canal and there were lots of good photos for us to peruse. We, of course, are lucky enough to be going on a private boat for an 8 day trip over this picturesque canal, and are really looking forward to it, and to catching up with Dot and Derek. Now if only Jenny can remember where she put that "little something" away safe and sound to take over for them!!! Let's hope she can find it soon so it can go in the new suitcase.

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