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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Up, Up and Away

New passports – check, new roll-along luggage – check.  E-tickets, cash, credit cards – every thing was ready for a new adventure.  No, not us (just yet), but daughter Nicky and SIL Robert were all set to have an overseas trip of a lifetime in England and further afield.  And we were there to see them off from Palmy Airport, bright and early in the morning.  This is certainly not the biggest airport in New Zealand,  but big enough to carry them to the Auckland International Airport.

Palmerston North Airport

First things first, check in that luggage. 

Then with plenty of time to spare, we trooped up to the upstairs cafe for breakfast.  There was quite a cozy little group of well wishers.  Us - the grandparents, the two grand-daughters, Robert’s brother, and several of Nicky and Robert’s friends.  We ordered breakfast, and coffees, and those of us who had been overseas before offered plenty of travel advice.  But the intrepid travellers will do things their own way, I’m sure.  Nicky is very sensible and will have everything worked out.  With visits to stone circles, cathedrals and quaint little villages on the agenda, she will certainly enjoy exploring England.  And no doubt Robert will be keen to try some of the English pubs.

Time to board, and after hugs all round, away they went on the first stage of their adventure.  With Palmerston North being a tiny airport, the passengers walked across the tarmac and climbed aboard the plane.  No air bridges here!

Boarding the flight to Auckland

There will be quite some time waiting around in Auckland, with a couple of hours locked up tight in the overseas departure lounge.  Their first stop is staying for 2 nights in Dubai, which will give them a chance for a peek at this exciting city.  (I think we’d like to go there too, sometime).  Then once they land in Heathrow, they will travel by bus to meet up with friends and stay for a few days on board a narrow boat.  What a wonderful start to their holiday.  Nicky and Robert - travel safe, and have fun!



Marilyn McDonald said...

Narrowboating! Narrowboating?? Where are they going to be?

I am sure they are going to enjoy themselves hugely!

Cheers, M

PS Have you been to Fabric and Fibre in Waikanae, Jenny? I was amazed at the variety there and lots of patchwork supplies ...

Annette said...

Hope their first adventure is memorable. Nicki really doesn't like her photo being taken....does she!